Learn, Create, Play

Scientific Approach to
Music Learning

We applied state-of-the-art learning science research in designing Music Learning Lab. We identified key skills that serve as a foundation for music learning, and designed the lessons in Music Learning Lab using a systematic approach to teaching those skills. The result is that learners acquire an important set of music skills, and have a tremendous amount of fun doing it.


In the Learn area, interactive lessons teach skills that provide an essential foundation for music education. Learners complete lessons on high and low pitch, interpreting sounds and melodies as written musical symbols, and interpreting written musical symbols as sounds. There are 14 lessons, with several levels of increasing complexity. Completing a lesson unlocks the next, and learners can repeat a lesson at any time.


The Create area is a fun environment where kids can use the skills they’ve learned to create their own musical pieces. Learners can choose pitches, change instruments, add longer melodies and more complex rhythm to their pieces, and choose a backing band to play along with them. The Create area provides endless fun for all ages.

See Your Songs Performed

Learners can watch a band of Music Learning Lab friends play the songs they create. Try different backing bands to change where the band plays. Choose different instruments to see different friends perform!


There are three fun mini-games in the Play area. In the mini-games, learners engage in activities that give them extra practice in the music skills they learned in the lessons. When learners complete a group of lessons teaching them a new skill, they can practice and extend the skill in the Play area. As learners make progress in the Play area activities, they earn trophies, and unlock new instruments and backing bands in the Create area.


The Trophies area is where learners can go to see all the trophies they have earned in Music Learning Lab. When they meet certain goals in the program, they’ll see a “lock” open and a new trophy appear. Learners can touch any trophy to see what they’ve earned. You can encourage your learners to explore the program and try to earn every trophy!


Music Learning Lab is available on all generations of iPad and iPad mini, and 3rd, 4th and 5th generations of iPhone and iPod touch. It will be available for Mac OS X users in fall, 2013.